4 Ways to Grow Your Business on a Budget

by | May 29, 2020 | Entrepreneurship, Starting a Business

At Masterly, we see you as the superhero, and we make it our mission to be your sidekick as you aim to grow your business idea from a concept into one superhuman force that can’t be reckoned with.


It’s a myth that you need a lot of money to start a business. Having a viable idea and a smart strategy go a long way toward your success. Still, there are certainly a lot of expenses associated with growing a business, and these can add up quickly. Many service providers capitalize on new entrepreneurs’ interest in growing their business fast, to the point of offering “get-rich-quick” schemes at a premium price. The truth is, you can and should build your business on a budget. Here’s how.

1. Rent a Co-working Space

Having office space contributes to expensive overhead costs, including maintenance, utilities, and rent. Especially if you’re just starting, you can benefit by using a co-working space. In these arrangements, you typically obtain access to a shared workspace for your office hours. This allows you to conduct business without incurring the high costs of having a dedicated office space. It will trim your overhead budget and provide flexibility for employees.

2. Use Automation Software

Time is money, and time spent on tasks that could be done by a computer is a waste. Try using automation programs to post on social media, send welcome messages to new leads, and generate ad reports. You can also use automation to streamline your project management and save yourself time in that regard. Every moment you save is a moment that you can pour back into your business. Best of all, most of these programs are so inexpensive that they effectively pay for themselves.

3. Leverage Content Marketing

Advertising can be expensive, whether you’re running Google ads or boosting Facebook posts. While it’s still something to consider, you should look to content marketing as a way to build your brand’s reputation and entice new customers. Publish high-value content such as blogs and videos, then direct people to your business website. This strategy can be highly effective at a minimal cost. It also helps you keep your marketing budget at bay until your business is ready for alternative marketing channels.

4. Obtain Grant Funding

Qualified business owners, such as people of color, low-income Americans, and women, often have access to special funding for their small business. There are multiple public and private grants for entrepreneurs who demonstrate a viable business idea and a clear financial plan. Even if you don’t qualify for a grant, you’ll often find that you can access low-cost business programs and other resources to help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Wrapping Up

It’s a mistake to assume that you need to spend a lot of money to start a business. Starting a business on a budget sets you up for success by making you prioritize your brand identity process, rather than relying on ads that may not resonate or tools that may not be worth their while. By focusing on your business strategy, you can place your money and energy where it needs to be to set you up for future growth.


So suit up, business owners talk next time! Your Masterly Team


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