7 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference with Your Content Creation

by | Jul 10, 2020 | Entrepreneurship

Content writing is a key skill for any marketing professional or small business owner. If you want to grab your audience’s attention and keep them interested, you need to write exciting content.


Like Peter Parker to your Tony Stark, we are here to guide you on the path to success and allow you to learn how creating good content will help your business. Join our ramblings and take these tips on board to wow your audience and gain more exposure for your brand this year.


1. Be yourself

The most important thing to remember when creating good content is that you should be yourself. We all have a unique writing style and that’s what sets us apart from others. Show off your personal voice and bring your own thoughts and ideals into your content. If you want to tell a joke, tell a joke; and don’t be afraid to write some absolute nonsense to get your point across. Good content reflects its writer.


2. Don’t be afraid to go off-topic

Just like when your grandad tells a story, your content might go off-topic once in a while, but that’s ok. If you are writing about a topic you are passionate about you will most likely go off-topic and ramble for a while. It is these imperfections in a piece of content that makes it relatable and you will build a much more loyal audience by doing this.


3. Stay current

The aim of content creation is to direct traffic to your website or social media and in turn gain sales. If you want to gain exposure online you need to talk about events or pop culture that is relevant to people. For example, at the moment we are in the midst of a difficult pandemic, and you can use quarantine related content to reach out and provide people with a positive spin. When a huge movie comes out such as The Avengers, use superhero quotes and references to drum up interest. Don’t be afraid to use keywords and trending topics to boost your audience engagement.



4. Know who you are speaking to

There is no point sharing cleaning tips for your house with teenagers or sharing news about tampons with men. When writing content for your audience, you must step into their shoes and think about what content they would want to read. Research your audience’s demographics and interests and use this to your advantage when making content. This way, you’ll be able to speak about Love Island with young adults or share gardening tips with those who are retired. Knowing your audience will guide your content in an organic way.


5. Use analogy and anecdotes

Sometimes you will be trying to explain a concept to your audience and it might be difficult… and this is where analogies are magic. Analogies are a key weapon in your writing arsenal and allow you to take a subject matter and transform it into something your audience can more easily understand. As well as analogies you can also use anecdotes to immerse your readers in a story that demonstrates your point. Get creative when writing and don’t shy away from using different literary devices to make your content shine.



6. Integrate keywords

When all is said and done, keywords are your best friend. Content is a vehicle for audience members to find your brand, and keywords are like a police escort. Lace your content with keywords that you know will be relevant to your audience and allow them to find your content within Search Engines. When we say to use keywords, we don’t mean you should write things like this:


Business, blogger, entrepreneur, quarantine, 2020, tips.


If you suddenly put that sentence into your content it makes no sense and makes it obvious that you are fishing for views. Instead, take keywords like the above and add them organically into your content such as this:


When facing a global pandemic on this scale, many small business owners and entrepreneurs have lost their livelihood. But don’t let the current quarantine situation ruin your business! Blogging and other forms of content creation can be a helpful revenue stream for 2020, and using our helpful tips you will soon be back on top in your industry,


As you can see above, by using keywords within the body of your content, you are providing informative content without throwing keywords in people’s faces.


7. Write whenever inspiration strikes

On the toilet, in the shower, out and about… whenever inspiration for content hits you, you should note it down. As a writer, it can be incredibly difficult to be consistent with content creation because inspiration comes in peaks and troughs. So when you do get an idea, note it on your phone or in a pad and come back to it later.


At Masterly, we see you as the superhero, and we make it our mission to be your sidekick as you aim to grow your business idea from a concept into one superhuman force that can be reckoned with.

So suit up, business owners talk next time! Your Masterly Team


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