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Case Study


Case Studies

Steps to Reach the Top

Timeline of your marketing campaign

First Step

First, we perform
in-depth market research and
analysis, and
explore your
value propositions.

Second Step

Tracking code setup and implementation
so we monitor the analytics on your campaign

Third Step

Next, we perform keyword research
to find out what keywords would
be best for your campaign.

Fourth Step

It’s go time. Now
that you have
reviewed the
keywords that we’re targeting, it’s time
to start optimizing.

Fifth Step

A tea of SEO
experts will
optimize your
account to
gradually improve performance
and ROI.


The customer was originally running a Facebook
campaign and getting leads for over $160 per lead.
This cost per acquisition was too high for the product
they were selling.


Within the first 30-days of running our highly optimized Facebook campaign, we were able to bring down their cost to $40 per lead. We were also able to create a traffic objective campaign and get them clicks to their website for 7 cents per click.

Key Metrics


Savings on lead cost


Savings on traffic cost


Unique website visitors


The customer never ran a Facebook campaign before and was interested in generating leads for their local medical spa. Their average cost per acquisition
to generate a lead was $280 through traditional
marketing methods.


Within the first 30-Days of running our highly optimized Facebook campaign, we were able to generate them leads for $32 from 1 campaign. We also created another campaign and got them over 7,500 video views for their new commercial promoting their new location.

Key Metrics


Savings on lead cost


Unique video views


Cents per video view

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