How Can Your Business Utilize Automation Processes?

by | Jun 26, 2020 | Business Automation

According to research conducted by DJS Research, administrative tasks cost the global service sector more than five trillion dollars per year, with workers spending the equivalent of 69 days on menial activities. With technological innovations, a lot of repetitive tasks could be easily automated, thereby freeing up that time to work on tending to customers and growing the business.
Automation technologies utilize data science, machine learning, and AI to automate tasks that don’t need to be done by a human. These include repetitive tasks that don’t require higher thought processes. By automating tedious tasks, you can give your team members back some of their valuable hours and energy. That, in turn, helps boost your business’s growth. Here are some ways that you can use automation.

1. Collect and process consumer data

You’ve probably been collecting data from your audience, whether you know it or not. Your social media followers’ preferences, consumer’s answers to feedback forms, surveys, and polls, and your website visitors’ behavior all constitute data that can help you refine your marketing strategy.
All of that data can be difficult and time-consuming to process effectively. You might not even know that it exists until your automation software finds it for you. Your business can utilize automation to collect and analyze these data for your upcoming products, development cycles, and marketing campaigns.

2. Streamline your email marketing

Email marketing remains an invaluable tool for businesses who want to forge a lasting connection with their audience. The Return On Investment for email marketing is an astounding 3,800 percent. In short, you could notice a $38 return for each dollar spent.
Automation is the key to maximizing your email marketing campaigns. Not only can you set up drip sequences that nurture leads, but you can also auto-reply to inquiries, send out automated email “courses,” and track data for your email newsletters and ads.

3. Use visitors’ on-site behavior to make recommendations

Automation can also be used to track consumer data and offer a customized experience. Amazon and Netflix are two giant companies that use this approach to great effect. You can utilize this strategy with your business as well. Use automation software to monitor the way your customers engage with your content, then show them personalized recommendations.
These data can also be pumped into a CRM or your email marketing provider so that you can send targeted emails based on users’ activity. By getting a fuller picture of your visitors’ preferences and interests, you can better nurture them into lifelong customers.

4. Facilitate easier order processing

One of the major challenges of a rapidly growing business is the ability to handle order processing in a timely manner. It is virtually not possible for a few individuals to keep track of the thousands of orders each day. Once again, automation comes in to save the day.
Automated order processing helps you scale up by auto-assigning tickets to the appropriate department, sending order confirmations and shipping notices, and connecting your sales portal with your inventory system. Now that people expect packages within two days, it will help your business greatly if you’re able to fast-track your order processing.

5. Simplify customer support

These days, consumers expect quick, easy answers to their queries. Moreover, customer service is a good way to produce new leads for your business. Customers talk, and a reputation for a company with poor customer service is bad for business. If someone visits your site, has questions, and can’t reach anyone, they’re not going to keep trying. They will leave and never come back.
Chatbot technology can automate a few of the typical queries that consumers request on your site. You can have chatbots answer these questions, then nurture leads toward making a purchase. Therefore, your support staff will have more time to spend along with customers who need specialized assistance, while the bots handle easy questions. That will convert to enhanced customer retention and satisfaction.

These are just a few of the many ways you can use automation to grow your business. You will discover more ways to combine AI and automation on your site and throughout your social media channels as you begin to scale up. Automation offers a wide range of options that free up your team members’ valuable time and help you keep your customers happy.

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