How Exceptional Administrative Assistants Are Helping CEO’s During COVID-19

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Women in Business

CEOs are no stranger to stress, but in the COVID-19 era and this time of economic strife, their jobs are more challenging than ever. Each day presents new challenges and curveballs, with more and more tasks piling up on their plate. A talented administrative assistant can be the glue that holds the whole operation together. These days, the admin is more important than ever.

Contrary to popular belief, administrative assistants do more than simply fetch coffee and answer phone calls. Not only do they schedule and organize meetings, make travel plans, and handle mail and e-mail, but they also liaise between CEOs and clients, help streamline operations, and provide logistical support to the CEO.

This means that administrative assistants must have a broad skill set, including expertise with multiple computer programs and technologies, exceptional communication and organizational skills, and a knack for problem-solving. As the field becomes more competitive, many administrative assistants are adding degrees in Business Administration or Marketing to their resumés to reach the top of their field.

When looking for an administrative assistant, CEOs should seek someone who not only has this skillset but also shares the vision and goals of the CEO and the company. Ideally, an admin assistant serves as an internal ambassador for the company and is able to deftly forge relationships among the CEO and the rest of the team.

During the COVID-19 era, many businesses ’ operations have slowed, stopped, or fundamentally changed. Admin assistants are in a unique position as someone who can facilitate leadership at the organization and also promote new procedures and culture to address the “new normal.” Many assistants are now working from home, but remain close at hand for CEOs, who are fielding many more phone calls, meetings, and questions than usual.

Other admin assistants are taking this difficult time as an opportunity to further develop their skills and find ways to improve their company. As CEOs find themselves facing new challenges and uncertainties, admin assistants are ever more important to their success.

A successful CEO–admin assistant relationship stems from close communication and a shared interest in the goals and culture of the company. CEOs should rely upon their admin’s excellent communication and problem-solving skills to overcome new challenges in the workplace.

Moreover, admin assistants should be able to anticipate the CEO’s needs, liaise with clients, employees, and stakeholders, and be able to smooth over operations during rocky times. The CEO–admin assistant relationship is more important than ever. To find a fully trained admin who can match to your needs, check out the Masterly Admin Division. Masterly Admin is a program that finds, trains, mentors and places admins with entrepreneurs and small businesses. It even continues to develop them for you.  Check out this new program today. 

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