How To Create A Content Creation Calendar

by | Oct 9, 2020 | Entrepreneurship

If you’re using content marketing to promote your business, it’s important to post regularly. This helps build your digital presence and grow your following. The best way to ensure that you publish consistently is to create a content calendar. Here’s an easy three-step process to follow.

1. Decide how often and when you’re going to post.

Your ideal posting frequency and schedule varies by platform and target audience, but for best results, you’ll typically want to post daily. This is especially true on platforms with high volumes of content, such as Instagram and Twitter. With Facebook and LinkedIn, you can post just a few times per week. Most business accounts skip weekends, but if your target audience is active on weekends, you’ll want to post when they’re online.

2. Identify recurring themes or topics for your content.

If you’ve done your research, you’ll know which types of content your target audience wants to see (infographics, how-to videos, blogs, etc.). The next step is to figure out a publishing schedule. Many businesses tap into existing social media trends, such as #ThrowbackThursday or #MotivationMonday. You should also implement a regular schedule for original content. For example, if you publish YouTube videos, choose a day of the week that you will consistently release and promote them. This way, your audience will come to anticipate and seek out your content.

3. Choose your calendar tool.

Once you’ve figured out a skeletal structure, you need a tool to map out content. A basic spreadsheet or calendar app can work, and there are more advanced programs such as Airtable and Trello that allow you to include all images, links, text, etc. Some businesses use special planning and auto-posting tools such as Later or HootSuite. If you’re concerned about your ability to regularly log on to social media and post, you should consider using these tools.

4. Plug in your content.

Now, it’s time to decide when each content piece will be published. With your chosen planning/scheduling tool, map out at least 4 weeks of content. Choose what day and time each post will go out and on which platform(s). In most tools, you can easily copy recurring themes from week to week, then fill in the specific details. Once it’s all laid out, you can identify gaps in your schedule. Look out for similar posts that are scheduled too close together, as well as posts that need to reference earlier posts.


Simply logging onto social media everyday and posting random content is a poor strategy. Your audience will not be sure what to expect from you, which makes them less likely to trust your business. Plus, you’ll likely spend more time figuring out what to post than if you plan it all in advance. Create your content calendar and watch your digital presence grow.


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