How to make it through working from home

by | May 13, 2020 | Starting a Business, Women in Business

You would agree that a vast majority of persons all over the world have experienced emotions ranging from elation to indifference and over time downright sadness at having to work from home [WFH]. While many wouldn’t have minded the prospect of getting a break from what was fast becoming the typical way of working, it appears that the initial excitement is gradually giving way to wariness.

It is to this extent many have spent endless time searching social media and scouring other available mediums beneficial guidance on “making it through WFH”. How can you cope with or even endure working from home? How can you successfully combine work while being a superhero saving the day on all fronts without getting exhausted? Yes, even Captain America does feel the weight of his role sometimes!

While we have all realized that working from home doesn’t mean you get the opportunity to just lounge around without being productive, finding a balance can prove gratifying and provoke positive results for you, your employer, or your business.

So, how do you make it through working from home especially when you want to put effort into achieving results that you desire? How do you combine being a boss, a mom, and WFH? Sit back and enjoy a few regulations we have put together.

1. Wear clothing

You sure are wondering what this point is doing on this list, hear us out. Even though your interactions with other humans may be minimal and you would rather lounge in what you find comfortable all day, you do have to get up, shower and put on proper clothes, nothing too fancy, just something that makes you feel like you have started your day on the right note, after all, if you were going to your office, you would be beautifully dressed.

Tons of people have related embarrassing moments with work video calls and virtual meetings and you don’t want to be one of those people. Essentially WFH doesn’t mean you should be in your sleepwear all day, get up, and get dressed!

2. Develop a committed office

A designated space makes you feel like you are in control. Try to create a “mom is working space” especially if you have kids who tend to move around a lot. It may be tiny, it may be grand, whatever it is, make sure it is tagged your “working space”. This way, you are also establishing a boundary that should be respected by everyone in the house. Imagine the potential chaos that could occur if you work off the couch today and in the bedroom tomorrow. You want to be organized and consistent.

3. Stayed

As tempting as it may sound, just like the point above, don’t move your laptop from space to space. When you outline what you have to do, set out to doing them. Tell your mind how to function and stay true to it.

4. Set some boundaries

This is an interesting one. Even till now, some of our family members don’t just get that “you are working although you are home”. Before now, this is one battle remote workers usually fought, the idea that no one seemed to take them seriously when they say “I’m working from home”.

While you have your workspace organized and everything in place and you are even properly dressed, your young niece or nephew can stroll in freshly-showered, and entirely buck-naked because you haven’t set proper boundaries for them. Essentially, you are more accessible now and your kids would want you to settle every tiff they have with their siblings and your spouse would always want to get your opinion on something, the bottom line is: let your housemates understand you’re on a work call.

5. Employ a childminder

Maybe it is time to get a childminder. We all have been doing WFH for some time now and if you think you cannot combine the task of overseeing them and taking work calls at the same time then you can creatively recruit your oldest child to be the minder.

6. Clock on, clock off

This is boring yet important: start and end up at the same time you typically do. Break your day right into hourly appointments with on your own, and also even if a piece of work isn’t completed, move on. You need to create a sense of urgency for yourself because there’s no person else around to create a sense of necessity for you.

7. Take a set lunch break

If you can, take that hour-long lunch, placed on some headphones and a podcast, and stride around the block or the park. There is some suggestion coronavirus might not like UV rays, so it must still be safe to stroll outdoors. This is also your one permissible opportunity to take on that washing mountain/hoover the stairs/try the Instagram hair point.

8. Don’t obtain a feline

Disregard all the suggestions on Twitter to get a pet cat. If you’re fretted about being lonesome, obtain an imaginary friend. They will not need to be fed, sit on your keyboard, or demand that you get up to allow them in or gone whenever 7 mins, and also you’ll obtain equally as much feedback from them as you would from a cat. However, if you are a pet person and you wouldn’t mind then you can check with a local shelter close to you.

Those caveats apart, the secret is to keep making it work for you. The pleasure of functioning from home is that it can bend to your demands in the manner in which a scheduled day in a workplace can not.

The world is certainly poised for a change after all of this goes away. Get your work done, motivate yourself, set boundaries as you ought to. Encourage your family members to find something creative to engage in while you work. This may serve as a testing phase for the encouragement of a long time WFH hours in your office in the nearest future so, make this count.

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