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An interior designing company specialized in remodeling and restorations, used Automated Advertising platform to ramp up their customer acquisition after going through a period of stagnant growth. The company offers a number of services that US consumers can order from their website such as measuring floor space, flooring installations, interior designing consultation, carpets, and rugs installation.

The Goal

  • Acquiring new leads
  • Getting more showroom appointments

The Approach

  • Use Automated advertising for a fully automated traffic acquisition campaign with a “Conversion” objective
  • Target Customers in the United States
  • Run the campaign for 30 Days

The Results

  • Acquired 60,153 visit to the website from 5 different states “
  • The average session duration of 20 minutes per session, and ” 3 pages per session.
  • The campaign generated 312 appointments and over 560 leads
  • Automated Advertising was the top conversions contributor to the website across all other channels they were using.

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